We offer Halal and Kosher Ferric Chloride Hexahydrate & Anhydrous made in an ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005 (FSSC22000) and cGMP certified facility, Anmol Chemicals a mubygroup company involved in manufacturer of Speciality Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Excipients, Fragrance & Flavor chemicals. The group has several manufacturing facilities spread across the world, supported by toll manufacturers and representatives in UAE, Europe, Africa USA & china.
The units in the group have one or more of the certifications like FDA GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, REACH, Kosher & Halal and DMF support is available.

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Ferric Chloride Hexahydrate Commerial Pure & BP, ACS Reagent Grade Manufacturers

Ferric Chloride Anhydrous

Ferric Chloride Hexahydrate SDS GHS

Ferric Chloride Anhydrous SDS GHS

Ferric Chloride Hexahydrate
Pure & BP USP ACS FCC Food Grade
Ferric Chloride Hexahydrate

Ferric Chloride Hexahydrate BP Grade
Ph Eur
FeCl3,6H2O -- 270.3 -- 10025-77-1

Content: 98.0 per cent to 102.0 per cent.

Appearance: Crystalline mass or orange-yellow or brownish-yellow crystals, very hygroscopic.
Solubility: Very soluble in water and in ethanol (96 per cent), freely soluble in glycerol.

A. It gives reaction (a) of chlorides.
B. It gives reaction (c) of iron.

Solution S: Dissolve 10 g in distilled water and dilute to 100 ml with the same solvent.
Acidity: In a suitable polyethylene container, dissolve 3.0 g of potassium fluoride in 15 ml of water. Titrate with 0.1 M sodium hydroxide using 0.1 ml of phenolphthalein solution as indicator until a pink colour is obtained. Add 10 ml of solution S and allow to stand for 3 h. Filter and use 12.5 ml of the filtrate. Not more than 0.30 ml of 0.1 M sodium hydroxide is required to change the colour of the indicator to pink.
Free chlorine: Heat 5 ml of solution S. The vapour does not turn starch iodide paper blue.
Sulphates:Maximum 100 ppm.
Ferrous ions: Maximum 50 ppm.
Heavy metals: Maximum 50 ppm.

In a conical flask with a ground-glass stopper, dissolve 0.200 g in 20 ml of water. Add 10 ml of dilute hydrochloric acid and 2 g of potassium iodide. Allow the stoppered flask to stand for 1 h protected from light. Titrate with 0.1 M sodium thiosulphate, adding 5 ml of starch solution towards the end of the titration.
1 ml of 0.1 M sodium thiosulphate is equivalent to 27.03 mg of FeCl3,6H2O.

Ferric Chloride Hexahydrate ACS, AR Analytical Reagent
Iron(III) Chloride Hexahydrate
Molecular Formula: FeCl3 . 6H2O
Molecular Weight: 270.30
CAS Number: 10025-77-1

Assay: 97.0-102.0% FeCl3.6H2O

Insoluble matter: 0.01%
Nitrate (NO3): 0.01%
Phosphorus compounds (PO4): 0.01%
Sulfate (SO4): 0.01%
Copper (Cu): 0.03%
Zinc (Zn): 0.03%
Ferrous iron (Fe++): Passes test
Substances not precipitated by ammonium hydroxide: (as sulfates): 0.1%

For Original Monographs of Ferric Chloride please check with the web-pages of the Pharmacopoeia.

Ferric Chloride Hexahydrate Manufacturers

Anmol Chemicals
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